I'm Andrea. Seventeen.
"Well, as you can see we're still having tea, and it's all because I was obliged to kill time, waiting for your return. You're terribly late you know... Naughty. Well, anyway, time became quite offended and stopped altogether. Not a tick ever since."
"Time can be funny in dreams."
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She’s kind of led with  h u m o u r

                                      and  g r a c e 

                                            and  t a l e n t .

                                                  And yeah, she’s pretty awesome.


Claire is not buying your shit.


outlander, episodes i-viii intertitles

Is it usual, what it is between us?

No, this isn’t usual. It’s different.

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I thought of telling him that his own touch seared my skin and filled my veins with fire. But I was already alight and glowing like a brand.

Have you been eating all my biscuits, Roger Wakefield?

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Claire Fraser, Lady of Lallybroch

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